Aerosol & Dispensing Systems – How to use patents to gather Technical and Competitive Intelligence

06 Fév 2015, Posté par Wanda Tardy dans Etudes
Résumé: Patents are a great source of information for many reasons and at Viedoc, we think that companies should be more aware of this. Patents may seem hard to come around at first glance, but with (a lot of) patience, with a good methodology and some training most people can find their way through them. Although searching and going through patents may be very tedious, patents are a valuable source of information, as they will provide you with very useful information on:
• the market in general
• what your competitors are working on
• latest innovations and developments in your field
• technical solutions from other fields

Aerosol & Dispensing Forum is a very unique event which gathers every year in Paris the leading suppliers of aerosol and dispensing systems and the major brands in the cosmetic, perfumery, and hygiene businesses. At ADF 2015, Viedoc Consulting was given the opportunity to present its approach to gathering technical & competitive intelligence from patents.

This complementary document presents a case study focused on dispensing devices and systems patents filed in 2014. It explains how to organize and refine a search using Espacenet, the free patents database form the European Patent Office. It also shows how the data collected can be used to understand what is going on both technical and market grounds.

Tags : Patents, cosmetics, food, beverage, health, hygiene, consumer goods, dispensing, systems, devices, aerosol, packaging, container, flask, bottle, can, spray

Langue: Anglais – 21 pages

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