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3D Print Show 2013

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
3D Print Show 2013 took place on 15 and 16 November in Paris and judging by the crowd, it was a success. It is likely that the next edition will take place in a roomier place as it was difficult to move from one stand to another. Long reserved for the rapid prototyping and technology industries, 3D printing has recently democratized with the arrival on the market of cheaper and faster printers, and more varied selection of printable materials. There are now many companies offering printers and consumables at affordable prices. New services dedicated to 3D printing have also seen the day. Some companies offer such 3D print platform that users can customize themselves their files. The world of open source is also present and allows the social bond between craftsmen of a new kind. The show also gives pride of artistic creation through a fashion event within the event where jewelry, bags, shoes, glasses and other 3D printed accessories are on living display. The entire exhibition hall was also reserved for artists wishing to show and sell their creations. More ambitious side projects, 3D printing has huge potential in medicine, especially as it is now possible to print human tissue and bio-resorbable implants. 3D printing has already saved a newborn life choked and received a custom made “bronchial splint” by 3D printing at the University of Michigan. Finally, it was reported in 3D Print Show that the democratization of 3D printing would intellectual property considerations, especially in Europe where it is permitted to make personal copies…

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