V.Suggest: How to monitor more sources ?

Information sources often disappear and others quickly emerge. Therefore, it’s important to regularly update its sourcing.

To do that, Viedoc developed and integrated into its competitive intelligence solution the V.Suggest feature.

Every time you turn on V.Suggest, the algorithm analyzes your active sources to offer between 25 and 50 new sources in relation with your sector.


V.Letter: Newsletters Competitive Intelligence

13 Jul 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in CI tools, Hot

V.Letter: You have enough to read your mailbox full or newsletters every morning?

V.letter give you the opportunity to clean up your mailbox while even monitor more newsletters revelant to your areas of activities, from the interface, and to do detailed searches.

Viedoc already have more than “44,000 “ subscriptions from around 90 topics.
You can therefore choose the «subscribe» easily from the interface to all the newsletters you already received plus others, unsubscribe or add any newsletters at a moment notice. You will not be satured with junk mail or undesired phone calls as your mail adresse is no more divulgated.


V.Track – Or how to customize your CI platform ?

09 Jul 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in CI tools, Hot

R&D, Marketing, Communication, Sales …
What if your users do not have the same interests?

V. Track allows each user to configure his personal dashboards, targeting with pinpoint accuracy his own areas of interests.

You can create unlimited dashboards based on your your favorite sources or queries using keywords,

Various sharing and diffusion features are accessible directly from the dashboards for a fast information flow within your organization.


V.Social – Your online reputation matters !

07 Jul 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in CI tools, Hot

V.Social: Are you interested to know about what could be said about your organization, your brand or your competition on social networks?

Social networks are now a wealth of information you don”t have to miss. To facilitate its monitoring, Viedoc created V.Social and integrated it to its suite of CI applications. This feature allows you to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Slideshare directly from a single monitoring platform.

You can configure up to 10 queries per network, 50 requests in total, via keywords or  the URLs of public pages. New connectors will soon support other social networks.

In case of crisis or aggressive campaign related to your products, your brand or your services, you will be able to watch, react and measure your online reputation easily.


Experience competitive intelligence differently …


Last week, Viedoc has announced the launch of its competitive intelligence platform. After several months of software development, multiple beta testing and some hard work and goodwill, Our customers can carry out, from now on, their CI activities in the new version of RSS Monitoring.

Packed with innovative features, RSS Monitoring allows to organize its competitive watch in a simple and effective way.We have introduced you this week, three of these features : V-Feed, V-Gen, and V-Search. Other features will be presented in days and weeks ahead.

Why choose RSS Monitoring ? 

We also use it.

As competitive intelligence consultants, we have developed our own tool that enables us to search, gather, and analyze information for our client studies.

We support you

We are a dedicated team to advise and assist you in the software deployment and customization with a flawless technical support.

Your user team (50 Basic users included in RSS Monitoring) will be trained for easy and optimal use. Our support ensures quick deployment and return on investment to meet your expectations.

We are committed

As consultants, we truly consider the importance of our client’s privacy and confidentiality. Ethics and discretion are strongly parts of our core values.

Contact us right now for a demo !!

V.Search, a new way of doing advanced search

19 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in CI tools

V.Search: The advanced search by Viedoc Do you wish to search with advanced filters, in a qualified database, without being drawned into the flood of informations ?

The RSS Monitoring integrated search engine will allows you, with the help of keywords and advanced parameters, to have a results statistic filtering:
• Sort by language or topic,
• Sort by origin or source type (news, newsletter, social network…)
• Set a date of period you wish to gather information.

From the search engine you can also:
• create E-mail alerts to stay informed in real time of the news corresponding to your needs
• or built dashboards with current queries for a close surveillance of your areas of interes.

V.Gen: Generate a RSS Feed from any page

18 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in CI tools

V.Gen: “Do you want to monitor a website that doesn’t offer a RSS Feed? or are you wondering how you can replace your Yahoopipes?

RSS Monitoring got the answer. With V.Gen, its innovative RSS feed generator, you can easily select what you want to monitor (pages, websites, etc.), and the generator will do the rest at a mouse click. It is that simple.

After the end of Yahoo Pipes, V.Gen proves to be an effective alternative to monitor information sources that interest you most, and without any coding or particular skills.

V Feed: You want to keep your team aware of what is said about your company, your competitors and your market, with an easy way to share information?

RSS Monitoring enables you to feed and supplement your newswall or your CRM system such as Salesforce.
With the V Feed innovative feature, you create a News feed that you can fully edit before publication.
You can therefore give your team an access on editorialized relevant news about your environment and sector.

V Feed

PCD 2013

10 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
Abstract – PCD 2013 This year, PCD & Aerosol Forum has once again been “the place to be” actors in Paris cosmetics. These two events are now held in parallel to allow visitors a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in their packaging sector. The two major trends of this year were unsurprisingly respect for the environment with the development of airless solutions which limit the use of preservatives, bio-based plastics, the arrival of aerosols and plastic solutions sets more flexible as the sleeves and the In-Mold-Labeling. Another trend for cosmetic packaging is still and always practicality, with packaging 2-in-1 that sophisticated..

Tags :Environment, airless tube, bottle, aerosol, in-mold-labeling, sleeve, PET, bio-based, resin, amino, Bag-on-Valve, BOV, Bag-in-Can BIC

Language: French – 30 pages • Summary PCD 2013

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    CFIA Rennes 2012

    09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news

    Abstract – CFIA rennes 2012 CFIA has now become the place to be and go for professionals of the food business. Indeed, this is the only exhibition in France gathering under one roof the whole of the food industry suppliers providing Ingredients & Additives, Equipments & Food processing and Packaging. Some of the packaging solutions shown, like wooden or paper baking molds, are definitely only aimed at the food industry. Other packages on display however could very well be used in many other industrial sectors with or without any adjustments as the trend for lighter, more efficient and eco-designed packages is seen across all sectors. Backed by growing customer demand for more environmentally friendly products, sustainable packaging is now sought by many companies that see in them a way of possible cost saving and definite sales increase..

    Tags : Packaging, eco-designed, LCA, life cycle, convenient, bio-based, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, film, tray, punnet, mold, paper, cardboard, pulp, glass, plastic, PET, PE, PP, fibre, fiber, cup, container, bag, label, slider, pallet, machine, equipment

    Language: English – 57 pages • Summary CFIA Rennes 2012

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