Agri-Food Monitoring

Agri-Food Monitoring

Multiple Actors

With more than 10,000 companies in France, the Agri-Food industry revolves around several global groups leaders in their area (Danone, Lactalis, Bongrain, Pernod-Ricard, Nestlé, Groupe Bel, Kraft Foods, Sodiaal, Laita) as well as multiple small business all around the country.

Agri-food Monitoring

Partners identification in the field of the encapsulation of lipophilic substances
Raw materials used in food in 2020: Soy
Analysis of aquatic products sector in the field of eco-design and LCA
Status report on the use of PSE for transporting seafood
Technological study on lids for food packaging
Identification of potential partners on the extraction of plants molecules
Identifying existing differentiation means for beverage packaging
Monitoring Ingredient Vendors

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