Packaging Monitoring

Packaging Monitoring

An Industry Subject to Challenging Constraints

Different than other industries (Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Agri-Food), packaging has major constraints : Security, Food Hygiene, Tracking, Consumer Information, Cost Reduction, Design, New Materials, Eco-Friendly Needs

If large companies, global leaders, require significant investment, it is the capacity for change of small businesses which allows them to be competitive where being close to manufacturers and clients plays a crucial role

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Packaging Monitoring

Technological study on lids for Packaging
Identifying existing differentiation means for Beverage Packaging
Thin Steel market analysis for oriented diversification strategy excluding Packaging
Status report on the use of Styrofoam for transport of Seafood
Monitoring of film Vendors
Status and innovation research for Mascara
Monitoring on Aerosol and Dispensing Systems Patents
Panorama packaging solutions for nail care and varnishes

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