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Pollutec 2013

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
Abstract Pollutec 2013: Pollutec 2013 was held from 3 to 6 December 2013 at the fairgrounds in Paris -Nord Villepinte, where no less than 1194 exhibitors (French 819) from 28 countries were able to disclose their activities in sustainable development. This 2013 edition is still pointed out by the illustration of the economic crisis, which began to last well beyond predictions and eventually begin the cash many companies. Thus, it should be noted that the general atmosphere was not out innovation, but rather streamlining, cutting waste, continuous improvement, etc. During his visit to the opening of the exhibition, the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy , Philippe Martin, has set the tone, praising the circular economy that works to close the life cycle of products, through inventory optimization, material flow, energy, waste . In other words, the trend is eco -design, incorporating an early stage production sustainability concerns, reuse or recycling. (…).

Tags : Keywords: energy, photovoltaic, engine, cogeneration, biogas, waste, recycling, water, renewable, smart grids

Language: French – 37 pages • Sommaire

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