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Produrable 2010 – CI report

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
Abstract: Produrable 2010: The second edition of the PRODURABLE trade show held on 17 and 18 March 2010 at the CNIT, Paris La Défense, and the event was structured around the following themes: capitalism, CSR and Governance, Economic Growth and CO2, Green Social and Business. In this report Watch Fair, it will be eminently issues of technological innovations in the image of cleantech Clean water, lights and even power generation using biomass. It is also about service innovations through new philosophies of recycling as well as new diagnostic methods that optimize the balance between costs and carbon – – nutrition in the agricultural industry. This concept of balance has been raised many in the many conferences, because as we refine the estimates, we realize that we are heading towards ecological paradox. This is very good for the climate via the emission of CO2 is not necessarily good for the environment via waste created…

Language: French – 37 pages • Summary

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