Textile monitoring

Textile Monitoring

An Industry in Constant Change Where Innovation is Essential

A large number of activities throughout a long chain made up of cloth and finished products manufacturers and distributors
Present everywhere: In transportation, on the ground and at home
It protects us (Textiles and Protection Clothing, Defense, Weapons), it dresses us (Fashion, Design), it allows us to practice multiple sports (extremes or not) and numerous hobbies, it heals us (Medical Textiles)
From China and other low-cost countries, textile technology continues to develop in many domains levels

Textile Monitoring

Partners identification in the field of the encapsulation of lipophilic substances
Patent monitoring on a system of protection against shoplifting for textiles
Monthly newsletter on innovations on s’Innerwear (materials, functionality, products, process, patents)
Monthly monitoring on the field of functional textiles (personal protection, sport, medical, cosmetic, construction)
Biweekly newsletter on the field of Legwear (fibers , equipment, cosmeceutical textiles, knitting, patents, trademarks)

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