Our Values

valeursVIEDOC is fully independent from all economic special interests, industries, politics or other organizations.

-Deontology: Our services are provided with the most strict sense of obligation. We ensure a constant attention to detail while pursuing our mission, always maintaining the highest standards in our methodology and in our billing practices.

-Confidentiality: Ensuring the privacy of all information shared with us is our priority. We ensure full confidentiality with all trade secrets and information our clients share with us.


VIEDOC’s Value Promise :

  • Ensure no conflict of interest with our clients.
  • Always behave with professionalism and integrity.
  • Find the best approach for each project and best fulfill your requirements, always respecting laws and jurisdiction in place.
  • Always sign a Nondisclosure Agreement for every project.
  • Eliminate all data provided by our clients at the end of every project.