Cosmetics Monitoring

A Market in Constant Evolution

Population aging
Increase in the number of consumers in developed countries
Arrival of new product segments ( ethnic, natural and organic cosmetics, cosmetics for men, nutri-cosmetics )

Newsletter by an Industry Expert

RSS Cosmetic Newsletter This newsletter in French is created by Michel Vandromme, former Packaging Monitoring Manager for Yves Saint Laurent and current consultant in packaging for Viedoc. Receive twice a week by email, a selection of news in the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetics Monitoring

Competitive analysis of actors in the cosmetics industry.
Partners identification in the field of the encapsulation of lipophilic substances
Status and innovation research for mascara
Analysis of packaging solutions for nail care and varnishes
Opportunity Study in macroscopes for noninvasive imaging of collagen matrix
Monitoring on aerosol and dispensing systems patents

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