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Genesics 2

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
Abstract – Genesics 2:
Cap Robotique is the first business cluster in France dedicated to the robotics industry and was the topic of the Genesics2 forum, held in Paris on the 7th of February, 2011. Cap Robotique is opened to every company or laboratory which wants to bring its expertise to the French industry of the domestic service robotics. The cluster gathers yet prestigious protagonists like the CEA LIST or the CNRS LAAS, but also various innovative start-ups, recognized experts of their fields, like Gostai, Robotswin or Workfly. Even though, Aldebaran Robotics was clearly the star company in the Genesics2 forum, held in Paris on the 7th of February 2011, many promising French companies showed up and exhibited their robots to the audience. Most of these robots are affordable (from 3 000€ to 12 000 €) and were developed to provide services to people. Unlike robots made in Japan, the French are not highly expensive units, stored in R&D departments in universities and big companies. Indeed, the French way of making robots is now well known in the world and France is considered one of the top countries in the robot industry. Expectations are really high for the French robot companies, as they have developed a very expertise. This should lead to good business opportunities in the years to come.

Tags :robot, service, humanoid, NAO, UAV, security, telecommunication, education, care, visual recognition

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