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CFIA 2011

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
The CFIA collects in one place all the OEMs, suppliers and service providers in food processing. During our visit March 15, 2011, we focused on “Ingredients and Intermediate food products.” We noted in particular the major trends for ingredients. They should enable us to appreciate food (taste), without damaging our health (naturalness (“clean label”), replace additives (“free from …”, for a better food security) or our environment (sustainable development). They must resist the manufacturing process (functionality) while helping to reduce prices (reformulation). The innovations presented in this report take into account these trends through the types of ingredients: the ingredients of taste, from animal or plant origin, texturants, ferments and nutritional ingredients, sweeteners and ready-to eat products..

Tags : Taste, « free from », naturalness, “clean label”, functional ingredients, additives, umami, reformulation, IFP (Intermediate food products), flavor enhancing , palm oil free, nutritional ingredients, texturing, sweeteners, ready-to-eat products.

Language: French – 39 pages • Summary CFIA 2011

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