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PCD 2012

09 Jun 2015, Posted by adminviedoc in Trade Show CI news
This year, the PCD congress-exhibition was held along with the Aerosol&Dispensing forum. During the two days event, we saw that in addition to promoting and protecting the product, packaging provides more and more for easy delivery and application. Indeed, user friendliness and easy dosing packaging is a big trend along with solutions allowing preservative free formulas. Just like last year, the respect the environment was also high on the agenda, with greener glass container production, bio-based polycarbonate-replacement and fully or easily recycling packaging. Asian customers are fond of electro-packaging and some believe that this is another major trend for the coming years in the European market. Finally, communicating packaging with QR codes for instance is proving to be a very powerful tool that brands can use to interact and communicate with customers before, and after purchasing..

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Language: French – 44 pages • Summary PCD 2012

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